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Hey, we're OneUp 👋🏼

We're a 🇬🇧 startup on a mission to help sales organisations around the world to be more efficient and productive. Along the way, we're crafting a team with diverse thought that champions it's people to do their best work.

OneUp was started in 2015 as a simple way to gamify your sales team. Today it's a growing suite of tools to help manage and motivate sales teams, now serving more than 4,000+ salespeople and managers.

🌎 Where will I work?

We have a global vision for our product. We can't wait for the day to arrive when we can spread our wings and fly across the seas to new lands but for now, we're building out our team in the UK. This enables us to build a rock-solid culture with regular activities in Birmingham, our home city (although we're a remote company).

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💙 What is the OneUp team like?

OneUp is a team of unique minds from a variety of backgrounds united by our values and aligned with our mission. We have an incredibly open culture which encourages people to propose new ideas and speak from the heart.

We're looking for talented individuals from across the UK to come and challenge us, better our culture, and drive us forwards as a young, passionate tech brand. We want to hire people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences; we're committed to a work environment of respect and kindness.

Derry Holt


James Heath


Alex G

Senior Developer

Emma Spragg

Head of Customer Success

Alex Wiley

Technical Product Manager

Tom Foster

Support & Implementation

Ian Moyse

Chief Revenue Officer

Marc Parsons


Sam Wilson


Sam Holden

Account Executive

Elena Musiol

Callum Saunders

Marketing Manager

Carly Probert

Support & Implementation

Tom Rosenfeld


🌈 What is working here like?

The world is no stranger to remote working after the global pandemic and now we're pushing to own it. Whilst we're a remote-first company, we meet in Birmingham every 6 weeks to keep us on the same page but most importantly, to have some good ol' company bonding time.

✨ Aligned by our values

We're building a company that puts our most valuable asset first - our people. We're not a growth at all costs company. We believe that if you support the person to be the best they can be, they'll do their best work. Here are the values that guide our behaviour.

💝 Perks & benefits

Our focus in what we offer to our team is enabling comfortable work-life integration. We believe that work and life can work together, not against each other (as the world has believed for so long). Here's how we work towards that:

💰 Professional & financial growth
You'll grow with us - both in your skills, and in terms of compensation.

🏝 Remote working
Live and work anywhere in the UK.

🧘‍♀️ Flexible working hours
Role-allowing, our approach allows flexibility in when you work.

✈️ World-beating holiday allowance
25 days paid holiday, 8 bank holidays, and time off over Christmas.

☕️ Collaborative working budget
Want to work in-office with your team from time to time? There's budget.

🥳 Six-weekly expensable team days
"Culture days" are a key part of OneUp. The best part? We cover the cost!

🧠 Highly motivated, aligned team
Work with a team of self-starters, all motivated towards our goals.

📈 Clear progression
Well-defined progression means you know where you're heading next!

💻 Gear to do the job
Laptops are issued by default!

🎓 Personal development
Additional budget to help you learn and develop professionally.

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